Online Sales & Operations in Gurgaon by Google

Google has recently launched its Online Sales and Operations in Gurgaon. The new operations would mirror Google Hyderabad in controlling worldwide advertiser campaigns and also for providing support on all aspects of Google Advertising.

Google, through its advertising program AdWords, will enables advertisers and businesses for all sizes to show targeted advertisements to surfers as they search the Web. Google AdWords matches text-based ads as well to users’ search queries, giving them with information related to what they are searching for.

This results in a highly-targeted service, which in-turn returns significant results to the advertiser.Through Google AdWords, advertisers could also reach Google users around the world and make leads across Google’s network of global sites that also show Google AdWords.

Google flaw adds phishing hole to Web sites

The Google Search Appliance and Google Mini are normally used by organizations including banks and other universities to add search features to Web sites. A flaw in the way the systems handle few characters could makes it possible to craft a Web link, which looks like it points to a trusted site, but when clicked serves up content from a third, mostly wicked site.

“This vulnerability affects a lot of large Web sites,” John Herron, a security expert who actually maintains the site, said in an e-mail. “It basically allows an effective disfigurement of a Web site when following a malicious link.

African American Businesses get help from Google

African American businesses looking to market their product and services online need to consider advertising with Google – the leader in search engine marketing. Google is now a multi-billion dollar company, but small business owners need not be intimidated by this. Google offers best effective advertising solutions, which normally fit marketing budgets as low as $25 a month.

Advertising with Google could be effective because they allow you to offer on keywords, which people use to search the web. For Example, if your company sells “African Art” – you could have it so that anytime someone types that into, your web site listing would come up first. Google would only charge you when someone clicks on your ad, and the average cost-per-click could be as low as 5 cents.

Workshop: Get better results with Google

Like many other internet search engines, Google had indexes billions of web pages to make it easier for surfer to find out what they want.

Now the question is why Google is most popular search engine? It has two reasons: one is that it’s very easy to use and other is that if it gives you what you are looking for, then there’s a good chance it would appear in the first three pages of results. Normally surfers do not look beyond three pages.

This workshop would show how to bring the searched-for site onto Google’s first page of results, instead of going through the boredom of clicking through the Advanced Search form.

Google navigates an offline course

Major Internet sites are now showing a strong and great growing interest in the advertising business with traditional ad firms started to get worried.

Google has been leading its way through building on its online ad strength by striking deals to sell advertising in traditional media way like newspapers and radio. Meanwhile, eBay is also developing an ad-buying system for TV spots for a large group advertisers like Wal-Mart. And Monday, Yahoo then announced a deal with 176 newspapers, which did not contain offline ad sales, but newspaper managers left that option open

Google is testing ad sales for about more than 50 newspapers and plans to make newspaper ad sales a lasting offering sometime next year.

Google adds indexing tools for News portal

Google has recently developed new tools that would make easier for webmasters and publishers of news sites to control how the search engine indexes their content for addition in the Google News portal. As of Tuesday, publishers of English-language news sites were indexed by Google News would also be able to include them in Google’s Webmaster Tools service.

This means that publishers and webmasters would be able to state through a site map the articles they want Google News to index. Webmasters and publishers would also be able to see a list of their newest articles featured on the Google News, with the list of indexing errors made by the automated Google crawler, so that the problems could even be addressed.

Google ‘Mobile Ads’ now in India

Google ‘Mobile Ads’ now in India
MUMBAI: Google has recently announced a Mobile ad’s test for advertisers in India as well, wherein ads will appear with the user’s web and on mobile web results found on a mobile device. The Mobile ads actually differ from PC text ads in terms of character limit and the call feature.

The text-based ad format had already been tested with AdWords advertisers in the US, the UK, Germany and Japan. The Mobile ad’s test would surely help advertisers reach users with applicable information when they’re on the go. With Mobile ad’s, advertisers could also link users to their mobile website or enable them to call their business just through click-to-call.

Use Google Pages: Don’t worry about spammers

Google is now back with the feature that let users create multiple different websites with different addresses. So one can create up to five websites with different URL’s.

Many critics complained about their website URL was an easy target for spam bots looking for email addresses. For example, site reveals the email in it ( to spam bots. This time with the new updates of Google Pages, you are now allowed to hide your primary website in the site settings effectively hiding your email address from spam bots.

Now Google Earth comes with Historical Date

To honor Geography Awareness Week, Google recently released a new featured content on Google Earth. The new content now uses overlay maps by David Rumsey Historical Maps to attach users to information about world wide history. The David Rumsey maps overlaid on Google Earth integrated historic cartographic masterpieces dating as back as the 17th century.

Google Earth is also dealing with National Geographic to network interactive geography quizzes with the maps that test users’ knowledge of Africa that is the focus of Geography Awareness Week this year. It would feature community-generated data about Africa, in addition to flags from the 53 sovereign nations of the continent.

Customized home pages for groups by Google
Google this Monday introduced its first upgrade to its business software line, offering organizations a new way to give individual employees or for any group members a personalized home page.

In this new personalized home page feature an organizations functions has a central access point for Google Apps, short for applications and a set of Web-based business software, which aimed at small-business users that was Google introduced in August.

usinesses, schools and non-profit groups could now set up individual Google home pages with their shared news feeds, calendars, and any expense systems, among various options. The rest is defined by users, who could add dozens of directly updating features.