Google offers free advertising to charities

Google, the world’s biggest search engine, has recently established a new programme, which is designed to catch potential sponsors to charity organizations. The scheme has been planned for Irish charities, which meet Google’s necessities and have been granted tax-exempt status by the Irish Revenue Commission.

This is known as Google Grants Ireland; the beta plan supports organizations who share the search engine’s attitude towards society service, and offers support to charities, which are operating in areas such as science and technology, global public health, education, environmental, arts and as well in youth advocacy. It is an exclusive, free advertising programme and utilizes the power of the Google advertising product, Google AdWords, in order to offer advertising space to non-profit organizations who are seeking an opening to inform potential online donors.

Google grant would use their award of free advertising in order to augment awareness of their cause, plus to increase web traffic to their websites.

Google is up with U.S. Patent Search

Google is now very excited about releasing the new beta version of Google Patent Search, this would make the search full text for U.S. patent corpus and to find patent those impresses you. You can now explore your self with

You can by criteria, with patent number, inventor, and filing date. You could as well view images of original patents online.

Further Google says it’s a natural expansion of their mission to make public domain government information easily available to users using Google search technology. It has now been started with over 7 million patents granted by the U.S. patent and trademark office (USPTO) and also look forward to expanding our coverage over time.

A Facelift to Google Finance Page

Google had added charts, which show up to 40 years of historic data for U.S. stocks, and a market trends module has been highlighted to top-moving companies, featured emphatically by price, market limit, volume, and also queries. Further in as a addition, registered users could now build their own portfolios to track stocks and companies, and could even upload information from other online services.

The new homepage design, unveiled Tuesday, also provides a view to currency information and to the performance of sectors of the U.S. market. Google Finance is available at no charge and is still in beta.

This new homepage design was exposed on Tuesday, even provided a view to currency information and to the act of sectors of the U.S. market. Google finance is accessible to all at no charge and it is still in beta.

Google ‘Click to Call’ now in India

Google has recently announced the launch of its AdWords “Click-to-call” service in India. These are online ads especially designed for users to speak directly to the interested advertiser they might find on Google Search results page over the phone and it is as well free of cost. It could also be recognized by the way of green telephone handset available near the text of advertisement.

After the phone number is entered, one required to click on “Connect for Free” so that the user gets connected to advertiser. Google stated, “Click-to-call” offers good speed and convenience, and even it would protect user’s privacy by blocking the user’s telephone number from the advertiser.

Google is up with radio ad test

Google had recently come up with a limited test for their customers who are willing to buy ads via online ad-buying system. Google is already working in US Market with more than 700 radio stations. Further Google says it has that the integration is completed and started with US beta test of Google ads with small group of Adwords advertisers.

The Adwords purchasing system offers its customers to track the amount spent on each radio ads. Google as well invite small set of advertisers to join the current test program. Company is not yet sure on the date which is set for radio advertising service to advertisers. Very soon google will expands his web search advertising across media ranging from newspaper to online.