San Francisco Gets wireless network by Google

Google Inc. and EarthLink Inc. had recently closed a deal, which would create wireless Internet network across San Francisco. The contract terms, was agreed by Mountain View-based Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Atlanta, Ga.-based EarthLink (NASDAQ: ELNK) and might even get okay by San Francisco’s board of supervisors.

This planned network would now have a free high-speed Internet service network supported by many ads appearing on user’s screens. In addition, there will be even more fast, commercial-free wireless service available for $20 a month.

Google Preps Blogger for The Enterprise

Google is taking another step for the enterprise. The Mountain View, Calif.-based search engine took Blogger out of beta last week had launched the features, which are intended to appeal to business users. The best features are it adds privacy settings and giving users the freedom to restrict access to their blog postings.

Users can do this by entering the e-mail addresses for people allowed to read the blog. This sort of feature would allow companies to involve their staff and partners in a manner, which is effective and accessible as maintaining control over the audience for these communications.