Mobile threat to Google and Yahoo!

Some of the Europe’s leading telecommunication teams are joining hands to make a mobile phone search engine, which could challenge the internet giant Yahoo and Google, according to a review in Sunday Telegraph.

Vodafone, France Telecom, Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom, Hutchison Whampoa, Telecom Italia and one American network, Cingular, are among those companies, which would come together for this secret, high-level talks at the mobile industry’s leading annual trade show in Barcelona next week said the report.

Google sells online software suite

Google Inc. would begin selling business America an online suite of software, which has e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets and more calendar management, rising the Internet search leader’s attack on technical turf usually conquered by Microsoft and IBM.

The expansion, planned to be exposed today, threatens to bog down Microsoft Corp.’s efforts to influence businesses to purchase the newest version of its market-leading Office suite, which was developed along with its new Vista operating system, The Associated Press reported.

Google adds Princeton University to Books Project

Princeton University would be opening about one million public domain works from their library system in an attempt to make them accessible online in a searchable format. The Princeton University library system comprises of the Harvey S. Firestone Memorial Library and thirteen extraordinary libraries located around the campus.

The books being measured for the project are out-of-copyright works and so the part of the public domain. Once digitized, the books would be fully searchable by researchers and readers alike. With Google Book Search, users could be view the texts online, download them, or even print them for later reference.
The project is likely to be completed over a six year period.

Google Adds Video Sharing To Orkut

Ever since Google’s extensively exposed gaining of YouTube, video devotee has been chomping at the bit to see how the search giant will further add the video-sharing site into the structure of its proprietary services.

It appears which Google hacs selected Orkut for its first YouTube mashup.Video sharing is no foreigner to the social networking landscape. MySpace users have been clever to imbed YouTube and MySpace Video code into their pages for some time now, and Facebook users could post video items on their profiles as well.

Google announced yesterday in the company’s bureaucrat blog, which Orkut users are now clever to add video playlists to their user profiles.

Google ready to spend $600 Million for New Datacenter

Google has recently announced that it would be investing approximately $600 million USD in building a new data center facility in North Carolina. The new facility would have server farms that Google would be using in its next generation of search and database-intensive tools, especially its new “Similarity Engine,” that removes redundancy in its crawls and results delivery.

Officials at Google stated that the new facility would have slightly over 200 employees, most of whom would be network and server specialists. Google’s first research and growing facility would still remain in California. Google also has another facility in the state Arizona that it had been working on last year.