Google vs. Microsoft

Google is recognized as the search giant as it is widely used internet search engine and dominates online advertising. Microsoft dominates the world of computer operating systems: its everywhere Windows powers most of the world’s pc. It further commands its position on essential office software such as word-processing and spreadsheets.

Now these two technology giants are striding on their each other’s toes. For example, Microsoft is building a search engine business, and Google is coming up with products, which let the users to tap into Google-branded word processing and other web services.

Google must take further step to defend its pre-eminent position while looking out new ways of making revenue in a media market that is increasingly cut-throat. And Microsoft must come up with more comprehensible stuff than going for technical.

T-shirts not Tie-shirts – says GOOGLE

Google is as casual as ever this time. Google’s global privacy counsel, Peter Fleischer confirmed with his contradicting letter to The Financial Times, responding to the article which praised the tie as appropriate business attire. The letter was signed by Peter himself and it substantiated a lot of values and principles that the company holds in terms of Attire. Mr.Fleischer also recommends the use of t-shirts instead of ties as t-shirts won’t make the wearers embarrass and make them feel inferior about their physique.

T-shirts are casual and suits everyone. He is against tie for various reasons and for instance, it constricts the circulation to the brain. Google is proud of its own motto – ‘Be serious without a Suit’. Google, like many companies allows employees to dress casually for work. Google’s official videos also substantiate that Google is a casual company by attire and serious one by work.

Australian kids squiggle for Google

Google is all set to run on their home page in the Australia day with specials, even in its logo. Google has announced its competition among the Australian kids below 10 years and the kids will have to squiggle for Google on the topic – ‘My Australia’. Already there are lots of schools signing up for the competition aiming for the exciting prizes that Google offers. This is a rare opportunity is what everyone feels, as Google usually designs Logos inside the company itself. The luck has favored the kids this time. The competition will be called ‘Doodle for Google’.

Every school must send the best drawings to Google and best 32 will be selected by the selection committee. The schools also will be encouraged with technological equipments, obviously advanced ones. The kids will be getting exciting prizes and the public will be asked to vote for the top 32 doodles. Dennis Hwang, the web master of Google will select the best and will announce the winning doodle in a celebration in november. Artistic merit, creativity and the representations of the ‘My Australia’ theme will be considered.

Google Map customization tools can be enjoyed now

Recently, Google launched a latest feature of Google Maps that allows its users to point or make a note of third party information directly on Google Maps and these maps which have been customized can be stored in their library. This mini-application is termed as Mapplets which makes it possible for utilizers to sight and layer maps comprising data, for example; real estate listings, jogging trails, events and photos. These Mapplets are hundred in number including hotel pricing, weather conditions, youtube videos, and Panoramio photos.

Google Comes Up With New Algorithm Update Analysis

Google suddenly comes up with google algorithm update analysis for the clients that exist in google. Google algorithm update analysis is based on the some of the important factors such as domain age, back links and page ranks. Due to this algorithm update analysis, more number of clients finds their ranking position in unstipulated manner and based on their rankings some client feels bad and some feels embarrassed. Even some clients feel that some thing is going to takes place for their sites in that search engines. Only after a week, the algorithm update analysis comes to normal position.