Google Plans to Link Pacific U.S operations with Asia.

Google desires to build a fiber-optic cable under the Pacific Ocean for the reason to link its U.S. operations with Asia – Report by Communications Day news site for Australia and Asia. The Unity cable is now under building and might be launched during 2009. Google is yet to comment on the plan, but company stated it could not corroborate or deny the Unity plan. “Additional infrastructure for the Internet is good for users and there are a number of proposals to add a Pacific submarine cable,” a Google spokesman told CommsDay.

Google exposes Widget Ads

Google recently exposed a new graphic ad format, which would permit advertisers to make interactive ads within widget, which could further be spread virally across the Internet. The search giant’s new expertise could be sued to make a variety of ads that could be allocated across Google’s web sites, as well as network of Google-affiliated sites.

Google by has signed up a group of huge advertisers to generate their own “gadgets,” the company’s term for widgets. The gadgets could as well include video, images, constantly updated data feeds, and mini versions of entire web sites.

Google enlarging online software suite

Google Inc. has recently planned to expand its online suite of office software to comprise a business presentation means same as to Microsoft Corp.’s well-known PowerPoint, adding the newest twist in a high-stakes rivalry.
The Mountain View-based company intended to expose the presentation software late Monday; about five months after Chief Executive Eric Schmidt announced Google will add up the tool to its software arsenal. The new program would further include in Google’s free software bundle, known as “Docs,” which users must be online to employ.

Why Google coming up with GPhone?

Google’s Gphone aims, according to the blogosphere, look centered around three areas of interest: wireless spectrum, devices, and for content. These three areas of Google focus are all about Google menting bucks and keeping up with competitors such as Yahoo and Microsoft.

There is actually lot at stake in the mobile space. In 2007 the mobile advertising market would be value $450 million, according to market research firm Frost & Sullivan. That’s a lot considering only 15 percent of mobile phone users have browsed the Web using their mobile, according to JupiterResearch. Analysts predict mobile search and surfing to become even more famous in the years ahead.

Google hosts content from four news sites

Google recently announced that it is now hosting content from four major news services, including the AP, on Google News. This is comparable to the relationships, which MSNBC and Yahoo have had with news wires for quite a few years, but it’s a huge step because it takes Google News’ work beyond indexing to include publishing. Interestingly, one of the agencies, which has signed on is none other than Agence France-Presse, infamous former applicant in a 2005 Google lawsuit in which it had demanded exclusion of all its content from the Google News index.

Tie up your Google goggles

Tie up your goggles into air travel position. Google is now about to take you across the earth again, the new release of Google Earth features a trouble-free flight sim. After installing the well-run version, you could now fly either Cirrus or an F-16 Viper.

Very restricted choices contrasted to Microsoft’s version, but the descriptions are compelling.

The Cirrus cockpit photo is from a family tour to the Cook, MN Air show last summer. Small town air shows are simply superb!