– search engine genie tools:

Search engine genie is the only website in internet providing more than 100 tools totally free and free from ads. When we first started developing tools way back in 2004 we never expected to reach 100 tools. But as we started working on tools we go overwhelming support from our users. They love our tools and built a passion for Search engine genie and its tools. We get feedback all the time from customers appreciating our free service and wanting more from us. They keep their request for tools and we build one for them. Like this we have built some of the most useful tools in SEO industry. Today people all over the world.

Google rank checker: This is searchenginegenie’s most popular tool. Search engine genie released this tool way back when we launched our site. This was a simple tool that queries Google to deliver results. Before we gave keyword rankings for webpages till 1000 results. Now due to restrictions from Google we deliver till upto 300 results. We are the only consistent and longest working Google rank checker out there. Many websites have / had Google rank checker but over a period of time they stop working. We faced similar situations but Search engine genie’s active programming team keeps monitoring the tool and will fix it if they face any issue with the tool.

Google sandbox checker:   Search engine genie is the only site to provide a sandbox checker which checks whether a web page is in Google’s sandbox filter. Our checker is quite popular these days and ton of people regularly use this tool.

Font generator: We have one of the best and cheapest font generator available in market. Our font generator creates fonts within minutes and the manually prepared fonts are available within hours of making.

It is difficult to describe 100’s of Search Engine Genie’s tools here. We are industry leaders in search engine optimization and web promotion services. We serve medium to large businesses to make their Business felt online.