Steps to Create Product Listing Ads

Google introduced product listing Ads last year which will list the ads with a product image. From Google shopping results changed into PLAs.

Combining Ad words Accounts to tour Google Merchant Account to create PLAs is becoming more popular nowadays. Show the product specific ads with images and prices. There are few simple steps that you must follow to maximize your profits.

  • First pay attention to choose the title that you use to describe products. You titles should not exceed 70 characters.
  • Next describe your products with information that is related to your product. Doing so, customer can get clear idea about your product.
  • Accurately price your products.

By giving this data to possible clients, you will like start to position higher in search engine results. As well to price, you must also cautiously check your account. Clients hate it when they go throughout the whole checkout procedure only to discover out that the product is not presently in stock. If you are alert that a product is out of stock you must make sure that the product ads is listed as such.

How to Obtain Likes for Facebook Business Page

  • Many were dilemma on how to increase your Facebook Page likes, Followers, Fans & subscribers. For you here we provided seven tips.
  • Share your facebook pages to your friends by clicking “Suggest to Friends”. By doing this you can gain more and more likes from your friends for your page.
  • Link your Face book page on your website. This will help you to get more visitors for your Face book fan page through visitors coming for your site.
  • Email to all your contacts for requesting likes to your Facebook pages. Sent mail with your facebook page link details.
  • Share your facebook profile link to all your other social media sites such as twitter, linkedin, Google+ etc.
  • Add your Facebook page in your Email id Signature.
  • Update your facebook pages everyday to keep up your fans.

Employ Successful SEO for Small Business

List to Do in Your Website

Google must know and identify what your website is about.  For that you should follow some points which will help Google to identify your website.

  • Give proper Meta Tags for all pages
  • Proper Alt Tags for images
  • Proper Navigation Keys for all pages
  • URL must contain Keyword
  • Add keywords in the Header or Title
  • Content must be unique

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging plays a very vital role in obtaining inbound links to improve your position in the SERPs. Guest blogging is a procedure in which a blog or website will allow and put out content written by another. The relationship between the guest writer and blog is equally helpful, as both are capable to get benefits from the swap. As the blog is proficient to get gain of worth content, the guest blogger can get from gains that absolutely power their own site.

Info graphics

Today info graphics plays a very big role in SEO. Instead of writing an article or blog post creating Visual representations of it’s, attracts more and more people. . It can be any type of image, as long as public share it on social websites and link to it from blogs—as long as it doesn’t harm your brand name.

Bing Adds New Feature “Pin to Pinterest” to Image Search

Microsoft added new features “Pin to Pinterest” on Bing image search results. This feature will let users to pin the image results straight from the site to their selected Pinterest boards. If they want to save particular image on their board, they can easily do it in one click.

It also added that users no need to install the bookmarklet in their browser; they can straight away get started by just single click. Bing, will mechanically link the images to the original source so that users can position it right away. The post goes on to insert that users can use Bing image search tools like sorting and filtering by size, color, layout, besides coming across for images within a exact website.

Users can directly get into and click on their desired images. Next click the new feature “pin to Pinterest” Sign in and pin your favourite images to your Pinterest board.

Allowing users to pin images to their favorite Pinterest boards seems like an interesting update, since Pinterest users can get themselves a new arena for content.

Google Releases Quickoffice on iPhone and Android

Google updated new “Quick office” apps on Android and the iPhone. It has given the best opportunity for business peoples to get use of these apps for free.

Quick office apps let users to work on Excel, PowerPoint, word documents and they can also save their files in Google Drive clouds. Users those are using Google apps for business are permitted to use the program for free of charge. This feature is already available on an I pad. The same feature is copied on iPhone and Android devices.

Using Quick office you can make quick edits in excel, PowerPoint, word from anywhere and save and share everything in Google drive.

Last year Google bought the rights to implement these mobile apps. The collection is obtainable as a division of the Google Apps for Business programmers. For monthly charge Google offers users to access Google Apps and storage. Google’s endeavor presenting is a monthly charged productivity suite that gives user’s access to Google Apps and storage.

SEO Tactics to Get Well from Penalties Given by Google

Most of the webmasters fully rely on Google in promoting their websites and getting more and more traffic. But for the past few months, most of the websites drops down in Google Search results due to Google penalties.

Google Penalties:

Google penalties are manual action taken by Google against various websites who violating the rules of Google SEO guidelines.

Penalty Reasons

•    Keyword stuffing
•    Writing false content
•    Writing Duplicate content
•    Getting paid beck links

Penalties Types

•    Panda Algorithm
•    Penguin Algorithm
•    Exact Match Domain Algorithm
•    Manual Penalty

How to Recover

•    Remove links in footers, headers it is stuffed.
•    Remove paid back links
•    Remove low quality directory links
•    Remove duplicate or copied content.
•    Check for keyword stuffing and remove it.
•    Get High quality back links
•    Make little changes in your domain name.
•    Promote your websites in social media sites

Google Rolling Out New ‘Google Merchant Quality Algorithm’

New Google search algorithm it’s upcoming. Matt Cutts said that Google trying to penalize low and poor quality local business optimization with the new algorithm ‘Google Merchant Quality Algorithm’.

As Google nowadays started focusing on local business optimization with its Google+, this techniques becomes very important for small and average sized businesses.

Local Search:

Mainly optimizing your business in all local business sites like Google+, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Insider Pages, with the targeted keywords Google will identify what services you give your target marketplace.

Respond to both positive and negative comments on your pages.

Avoid Google Penalty for your Business:

More penalties from Google are expected, so expanding your online marketing attempts is very significant.

Listing your business on all the social sites and local business sites is must nowadays and it gives the opportunity for your site to rank in first page of search results. The only thing you should do to optimize your pages is to begin responding your customers.

Google Releases New Tool for Inactive Users

Google has launched a tool that permit users  to fix on what takes place to their information in email, Google+, and other accounts once they die or if they turn out to be inactive users. Users can opt to delete information after a rest period of time, or pass it on to exact people. Online users are in dilemma of what would happen for their data after they die or become inactive.

Google assumed in a post that they expect that this latest feature will allow planning digital life after death. This feature also provides the protection for your privacy and security data. Google can delete the inactive accounts after three, six, nine or 12 months. Google says it will warn users through a secondary email address or a provided phone number before taking any action. Instead, certain contacts can be sent information from a few or all of their services.

Though Google told they will send a warning text for their number or email before any action is taken. People are ever more insertion content on social networks and information storage amenities massed in cyberspace, or the “cloud”. Other companies have also trying to undertake the problems that go up after a person’s death.  As an example Facebook lets customers to “remember” an account.

Bing Ads Planning to Add Product Ads in June

Yesterday Bing announced its latest update on its developer blog that they planning to add product ads along with other ads in this summer. The product ads will display with the thumbnail image, commercial data, cost and elective supporting text about the ad.

Bing told they are analyzing the product ads design with a bunch of advertisers. Bing also provided the screenshot about the product ads format. Bing Ads will grab product details from the Bing Merchant Center store for Product Ads same as Adwords pulls data from Google Merchant center for product Listing Ads.

An exact date of roll out has not yet been released, but Bing Ads API Users believe that this updates will soon get ready in June 1st. A “Managing Product Ads” part previously exists on the MSDN for developers to right of entry. Ecommerce advertisers take note, now is almost certainly a fine time to group that Bing Merchant Center store.

Microsoft Hottest Campaign Targets Google Android App Store

After attacking Gmail and Google Shopping Microsoft again begin to attack Google’s play store with a new renewal campaign. Microsoft is currently trying to extend panic in excess of Google’s policy of providing the name, email address, and area of customers who buy apps on Google Play store. In the videos in Scroogled site, Microsoft tries to induce customers to change to Bing and Windows Phone on Android.

Microsoft suggesting customers to try Bing in one particular video by narrating “if you can’t trust their app store, may be you can’t trust them for anything”. One more center of attentions on demanding to shove Windows Phones. The operation focuses on Google’s policy of offering crucial data to developers. Some have spoken concern on observe and quarreled that Google be supposed to reveal that your name, email, and area is offered to every app developer just the once you buy an app.

Microsoft’s operation is dangerous, and one that the software creator emerges to confess had run its path previous month. The panic hit ads are opening to demonstrate that the company is frantic for customers to seem to it’s possess products and services on Google.