What to be Expecting from Google in Coming Months

In a YouTube video, Matt Cutts announced nine things that will expect to happen in coming months, mainly targeting black hat SEO.

Penguin 2.0 Update

  • Google updated this next generation of penguin 2.0 to target black hat web spam.
  • This update will be much inclusive than penguin 1.0 and it will go profounder and have a better impact than the original.

Google Hates Advertorials

  • Advertorials is an advertisement that looks like newspaper articles. Some website uses this type of advertisements to gain more back links.  It breaks the quality guidelines of Google.
  • Advertorials should not be non-no follow links. If you pay for advertorials presently to obtain back links, this may have a harmful influence on your Google page rankings.

Spammy Search Queries

  • Matt Cutts talked about that this is a problematical seek out, and there are others be fond of it, so they are undertaking it a join of special methods.
  • For those that cooperate in that space, though, you’re away of fortune since Cutts isn’t enlightening precisely how they are contracting with it, presently that it will be occurrence.
  • He supposed that they are aiming exact areas that have usually been more spam.

Diminishing Upstream Linking

  • There will be a number of ways to go up-stream to reject the value to link spammers, to people who spam links in a variety of methods and make that less efficient.
  • In reality, it’s intended to have totally dissimilar system that does new complicated link analysis.

Detecting Hacked Sites

  • Google are in the early on phases of making new complicated software that will analyze back links well again.
  • A improved system for detecting hacked sites be supposed to also be obtainable afterward in 2013.


  • Google planned to seek out for authors that have high authority in a given theme.
  • If you are speaking about your specific theme and adding related content to your website will improve your rankings higher.

Panda Update

  • Matt Cutts supposed that a lot of of the websites that were exaggerated by the Panda update were boundary cases.
  • Google is seemed to be at other worth metrics that allows them to confirm that these websites are not affected by the Panda algorithm. The Panda aims websites with  content of low quality.

Reduce Same Domain Groups

  • Matt Cutts supposed that the number of similar domain groups on Google’s first result page be supposed to reduce this year.
  • Google needs to make the results on page one more different. The 2 result page strength contains additional domain groups.

Webmasters Tools to Help Webmasters

  • Cutts supposed they desire to be capable to continue giving webmasters extra exact and full information by means of Google webmaster tools. He talks about specially instance URLs to assist webmasters identify problems on their site.
  • He considers that alter will actually build a dissimilarity with the worth of the search results, and affect the quantity of spam that is screening up.

Google Update Reduces Most Websites Search Listings

As Google updated the new penguin algorithm 2.0 in this week, I immediately started to check my keyword rankings to see how my websites showed up in Google SERP’s.

I was surprised to see that Google reduces search rankings and gambling websites are downgraded. Dish Network’s website and the other websites saw important drops in search rankings for a range of keywords.

The website may got affect due to this following reason,

  • Hidden links found in website links.
  • A webmaster or SEO for the website may have used link spam to increase the website’s rankings.
  • The website could have been down for the moment or out-of-the-way to Googlebot. Google’s spider that trips websites and downloads pages.

To fix these types of problems, check Google Webmaster tools for problems and links to your website. Then you can disavow terrible links.

Penguin 2.0: Spam – Fighting Algorithm

Google updated penguin 2.0 algorithm to completely destroy the web spam. This update is regarded as the new generation of algorithm which will differ more than previous updated algorithm.

Matt Cutts in his blogs announced that the update is completely rolled out. He also added that this penguin 2.0 going to have a great impact on web spam and it affects 2.3% of English queries.

Panda 2.0 not only affects the English-U.S. queries, it also targets non English-U.S. queries.

Matt Cutts wrote in his Blog:

“We started rolling out the next generation of the Penguin webspam algorithm this afternoon (May 22, 2013), and the rollout is now complete. About 2.3% of English-US queries are affected to the degree that a regular user might notice. The change has also finished rolling out for other languages world-wide. The scope of Penguin varies by language, e.g. languages with more web spam will see more impact.”

“This is the fourth Penguin-related launch Google has done, but because this is an updated algorithm (not just a data refresh), we’ve been referring to this change as Penguin 2.0 internally. For more information on what SEOs should expect in the coming months, see the video that we recently released.”

Then he presented a video which explains about penguin update and what changes may happen in SEO in the coming months.

Conversational Search – Rolled Out on Google Chrome

Although Google’s I/O developer conference, which booted off this morning in San Francisco, is first and foremost paying attention on the company’s Chrome and Android platforms, the company did not fail to remember its roots, proclaiming numerous search updates, and arguing its idea for the upcoming.

Overlook concerning sorting your ask for; Google needs to get conversational search to the desktop. Mobile users can previously use the microphones on their iOS and Android mobile devices to talk search instructions. Today, Google previewed hands-free voice search for the PC through Chrome.

The characteristic make actives just the once the consumer says, OK Google.

The Google also illustrated off remembers in Google Now. With the latest prompts in Now, not only can you keep things to retain information afterward, but you can in fact choose a time or put to activate those prompts, so they arise at presently the exact time, according to Google.

Google has agreed its information Graph – which gives improved search consequences – enhance. Singhal supposed that quickly Google consumers will begin considering data motorized by the information Graph.

A Google Map Gets a Fresh Look

  • Google updated a new version of maps for web, Android, iOS with a complete new look and a focus on location discovery.
  • The Service is still not popular in general public, though the Google offers limited invitation for people who want to give the new layout a try.

  • The new design also includes more public data’s into the maps, giving users the capacity to see company reviews from public within their Google+ friend circles.
  • Additional parts of Google’s maps are also attractive. For example, if a consumer looks for a exact Indian hotel, data such as the hotel’s address, phone number, Web site, reviews and a link to directions could come into view in a tiny pane of data that drops down from the search bar.

  • Google is too adding data from its another services into map, declaring that creasing in information from Google+ and additional services will get better maps for consumers eventually.
  • For example, the Google supposed that it will appear for kinds of hotels that consumers like or the ways they get most frequently and then join that data to present ideas.

  • The Google also presented lesser features meant to get better the Maps border, such as a set of choices that lets consumers to evaluate travel times involving numerous modes of transportation, such as walking, biking, driving or taking public transportation.
  • Google is also inserting extra of its Google Earth skill into Maps, lets consumers to zoom in on urban and still within shops to obtain an enhanced hold on where they’re available. And, if you’re extra paying attention in zooming out, Google will allow you to do it as well.

Google Adds New Features “Rewind Ability” in Google+ Hangouts

On Tuesday Google updated Google+ hangouts with highly requested new features “Rewind ability”. This feature allows the users to go back to the beginning of a broadcast in any case of when they started watching. Other enhancements comprise higher quality video for those connecting Hangouts on Air from a mobile device, also latest auto-playing broadcasts that don’t need users to revive the page when hangout begins.

Google did memo that it may get extended to group your Hangout on Air. For example: the Start broadcasting button might be depressing away for a while, prior to it turns red. That alter is to give customers with sufficient time to obtain all in place prior to opening the Hangout.

Google emerges to have been capable to apply the alters by currently dealing out the video in instantaneous quite than following the detail, which also means it’s hopeful Hangouts will be right away uploaded and prepared to look at on YouTube the subsequent you leave off air:

  • Rewind Ability
  • Access recordings right away following your broadcasts
  • Observe higher quality Hangouts On Air on the go
  • Begin live broadcasts devoid of having to revive

Google Updated Goal Conversions in Real Time Reports

Google added goal conversions to its real time reports in Google Analytics. Now the real time conversions reports shows a list of the recent goals which is sorted in highest to lowest. The real time conversion reports displays the number and names of goal which was given by you while creating your goal.

In that, once you click a goal or event, then you can view specific goal details or in the case of events you can view event actions and labels.

It’s difficult to consider that in general this time goals had been totally absent from real-time. Either large or small, goals are naturally the main reason your site survives. you can see both Page URLs goals or event goal in this real time reports.

Amazing fact is that worked out goals are not available in real-time presently yet. These worked out goals comprise time on site or pages per visit. Certainly, they are still being path as common in the Conversions part of the Standard Reports.

If you need to set up goals in Google analytics, go to your Admin; select your Google analytics profile. Then click goals tab and give your general information of goal which includes a goal name, goal type and goal details.