Google shortens method to connect Ad Words, Analytics

Google offers a way to link both Google AdWords and Google Analytics together. If any webmaster finds it difficult to intergrate their Adwords and Analytics account,they can make use of this method.

In the coming weeks, this linking process will be launched to all Google Analytics accounts.
Webmaster can link their two accounts together by logging in to the admin area of Analytics. Similarly in case of Adwords account just click and words linking in the account column, then click Adwords Linking that start their latest linking wizard.

By connecting the two accounts, users of both programs can have more essential data so as to conclude marketing efficiency and ROI when merging the information from both programs.

There have long been problems with advertisers connecting up their analytics information, mainly if they’re under two dissimilar Google accounts or if it is administered by client vs. organization. Linking AdWords to Google Webmaster Tools stays unaffected.

Facebook makes simpler Ad option to Marketers

Facebook is removing some types of advertisements on its site, deciding to simplify its ads offerings for marketers.

Facebook will remove its 27 advertising units by above half over the next six months.  The company main aim is to plan tactics for its users to attain definite business goals by simplifying its ads options. Facebook will make powerful chances for products.

Simo said “This will reduce the number of ad formats and make the ad creation process much simpler for advertisers who run multiple campaigns or want to test which ad creative performs the best”. Also he added that this will surely help advertisers optimize their campaigns across desktop and mobile.

Simo writes “A consistent look and feel to our ads will also be better overall experience for people on facebook”.

Possibly the majority attractive update to Facebook’s latest social advertise advance is its sponsored stories. The company will at the present frequently put in social circumstance to a Page post photo ad to boost work and take away the added and expensive step of making sponsored stories.

Simo writes, “We know social enhances ad resonance; people are influenced by this type of word-of-mouth marketing. Research…shows that social context can drive awareness and returns on ad spend…”

Companies can get benefit of Facebook’s integrated advertising choices to measure client response. Brafton statement on how Volvo makes use of social media networks to check fresh campaigns that will influence all additional outreach programs. Among fresh Facebook ad units, and clearer rule, brands may discover social advice more precise than ever before.

Facebook executives made a note of that marketers will still be proficient to choose ads that run only on mobile devices or on pc.

Google Analytics Benchmarking and Real Time Widgets Tool

Google Analytics is now becoming great friend to all webmasters. Frequent changing and updating in Google Analytics made this as a important tool for every website owners. There are another two new updates which is considered as most interesting and valuable features. Customer Journey tool and Real-Time Widget are the tools which is updated by Google recently.

Benchmarking Tool

Google is suggesting extra thorough information to build marketer’s lives easier. Google brought in a latest benchmarking tool for marketers: The Customer Journey to Online Purchase.

The Tool is Google’s Comeback to:

  • The rising density of the customer journey.
  • The growing require of marketers to build intelligence of the input of each marketing channel in the last purchase so that they can get better their plan consequently.

Prior to entrusting to purchase online, a customer may employ with a exact brand via various dissimilar media channels over more than a few days.

Based on the diverse areas, dissimilar marketing channels come into take part in at dissimilar times and put in to the ultimate buy choice.

The tool has been built on information collected from above 36,000 Google Analytics clients that approved sharing; with millions of purchases across 11 industries in 7 countries.

Since it is made clear on the spokesperson Google Analytics blog, the tool comprises scale data for:

  • How dissimilar market channels (such as display, search, email, and your own website) assist move users in the directions of purchases.
  • How extensive it acquires for customers to make a purchase online.

Suggestion of the Purchaser Journey to Online Purchase Tool

  • Online sellers require recognizing their buyer journeys in the situation of how a broader information place does alike journeys.
  • By accepting the dissimilar phases of the purchaser journey, businesses can assess the achievement or else of online movements and the function every one takes part in the conversion.
  • Using this data will assist to plan campaigns that bring the accurate message at the correct instant in a purchaser’s journey to buy.

Real Time Widgets

Google announced 4 real-time widgets that can be included to any latest or offered Google Analytics Dashboard, spotting the initial instance real-time information has been likely in a dashboard widget.

The widgets formulate it probable for customers to do several kinds of real-time analysis and they can also be shared and modified with dissimilar filters to section and contrast information alongside.

To set up a real time widget, In Google Analytics dashboard go to menu option and click the +Add widget.

Once a Widget is added, then select counter, Timeline, Geomaps or Table.

  • In counter you can view the number of visitors who are active on the site.
  • Timelines show the scrolling page views.
  • Geomaps shows the visitors locations on a map.
  • Tables shows active visitors.
  • Another widget has been added recently in real time widget is goal conversion.

Suggestions of the Google Analytics Real-Time Widget

  • This assists businesses to right away observe how traffic is moving approximately their website.
  • This gives approaching at a extremely exact level, allowing exact choices to be complete.
  • Real time widgets give a drill-down that right away shows the information that affair.

How to Increase Your Video Traffic using SEO?

Ranking your site in first page of search result it’s now become harder than ever. But the search engine massive has made no clandestine of its rising preference for mixed search results contains of all from images, to maps and social media posts.

Has Google Concentrating on video there is a chance for smaller and new sites to get ranked in search engine result page through their video assets in WebPages. But video SEO achievements is distant from definite and make sure video content position highly in search results persists to pretense troubles for several products seems to make stronger their online occurrence.

To truthfully get benefit of video’s potential for increasing SEO, products and publishers must make sure that, not only is their content both amusing and precious to their aim spectators, but that their video is optimized for search engines, with a metadata approach paying attention on the keywords and phrases most applicable to those spectators.

Develop your video SEO and make more traffic to your site by following these important tips:

  • Don’t excess your video title with keywords
  • Provide in a simple video site map
  • Thumbnail excellence issues
  • Use HTML tags.
  • Use the word ‘video’ in title and descriptions.
  • Make sure your site is optimized
  • Place your Video at the top of the page
  • Support user commenting.
  • Connect a video transcript to its timeline in YouTube.

YouTube Introduces Slow – Motion Upshot for Videos

YouTube video sharing site began for people to share their videos with the world. For past years, the company has introduced many features to make easier for customers to produce higher quality videos. Addition of features such as image stabilization and numerous other editing tools has paid the way for it. This week, YouTube announces one more features that added in users toolboxes.

On Tuesday Company proclaimed a new feature “Slow Motion” and confronted users to turn their next video into an epic slomo moment. The feature is obtainable by means of the enhancements tools on the YouTube Editor and users will be able to be relevant it to new videos in addition to any accessible videos they have uploaded to YouTubs.

YouTube’s Eron Steger assures that we will receive a smooth; slomo video that makes it seem similar to it was filmed with a high-speed camera.

Check out his sample below. The first video is Times Square without the new slomo tool, while the second slows the original video down to 1/8th speed. It’s not exactly the most exciting use of the tool, but it does show off the new feature quite well.