SEO Ranking Factors: Position Correlation 2013 for Google USA

The Ranking Factor Rank connection revise deal with the definition and assessment of factors that distinguish better located websites from pages located further back in the natural search results.

Peak highlights of 2013:

  • Keyword domains and keyword links have lost relevance Ranking Factors: Loser
  • Brands are the exemption to numerous rules
  • Good content is always important: it comes to quality!
  • On-page technology remains one of the basics

Keyword Links and Domains have Lost Relevance

The significance of keywords in the URL / domain has considerably decreased as a ranking factor compared to 2012:

These two factors are measured the losers when compare with last year, because the survival of keywords in the URL and/or the domain have misplaced their significance. This also affects backlinks when it comes to plain text keyword links. So it looks as if the days of “hard keyword optimization” are over. Google now put much more stress on natural link profiles.

Brands are The Exception to Many Rules

Brands held a fortunate position. This has also been established in this year’s study for brands   and their websites   search engines do not appear to be relevant the same criteria as for other domains. For example, it seem as though Google consider it ordinary for brands to have moderately more backlinks with the name of the brand in the link text alone   what we refer to as “brand links”   and still not be rate negatively.

Good Content is Always Important: It Come to Excellence!

For our analysis of content features, we have augmented the number of factor considerably over the previous year:

Ranking – Factors US: Numbers Content

Content factors associate almost fully positively with high-quality rankings and were apparently   when compared with the previous year   partly upgrade. Good ranking URLs, to a sure extent have more text and a higher number of extra media integrations compared with 2012. A high-quality internal link structure also appears to be a vital excellence attribute.

On-page Technology Remains one of the Fundamentals

The on-page factors nearby the technical side of building web sites have extended been one of the fundamentals of a good search engine ranking   and this will carry on. Even more, it seems to be fulfilling certain on-page criteria is not about achieve a positive ranking, rather, it is the opposite: it is simply negative for the rankings when web pages do not meet criteria. On-page factors are therefore considered more of a requirement for ranking higher in search results pages.

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