Google shortens method to connect Ad Words, Analytics

Google offers a way to link both Google AdWords and Google Analytics together. If any webmaster finds it difficult to intergrate their Adwords and Analytics account,they can make use of this method.

In the coming weeks, this linking process will be launched to all Google Analytics accounts.
Webmaster can link their two accounts together by logging in to the admin area of Analytics. Similarly in case of Adwords account just click and words linking in the account column, then click Adwords Linking that start their latest linking wizard.

By connecting the two accounts, users of both programs can have more essential data so as to conclude marketing efficiency and ROI when merging the information from both programs.

There have long been problems with advertisers connecting up their analytics information, mainly if they’re under two dissimilar Google accounts or if it is administered by client vs. organization. Linking AdWords to Google Webmaster Tools stays unaffected.