Google is planning to move globally

Earlier this year the search gigantic added Map feature to permit users to modify driving direction. Later one they designed up with Gmail free e-mail program showing an upgrade to permit message to permit message to synchronize with other e-mail systems. Its recent picture was “Android” that truly opened a stage for cell phones users. Google and its related are now trying to make the principles of wideness-the powerful philosophy of the Internet-the victorious principle of the wireless world, and the Android launch is just the first step.

These efforts are just statement of a current move in Google’s strategy. Instead of creating new products, Google’s developers and engineers are being requested on to augment existing products and technologies. Google is now hoping that by easing access to the Internet, users would spend more time there, ultimately generating fresh revenue opportunities. Yet many of the products Google has released in recent years have yet to make their mark against the competition. Yes, Google is trying to move globally!