Google Panda 3.8 Live: May Twenty fifth & Renew Only

Search engines has officially confirmed on Tweets posts that they motivated out a replenish of the Panda update. This one would be known as version 3.8.It was only a replenish, importance, Search engines did not make any system sign up-dates. All they did was rerun the Panda system to run through the collection and release or get sites that are eligible to, according to them, to be hit by the Panda system.

Now, despite the versions we noticed over the few times Search engines said this Panda replenish did not start until yesterday and it did not start over the few times. Here is Search engines twitter, which I e-mailed Search engines about and they said it started yesterday and was only a details refresh

That being said, we are up to version 3.8 and we need Search engines to power out a significant update so we can switch up to 4.0. We are managing out of 3.x results. I am also not sure why Search engines ran a Panda replenish so properly to the last one, which was about 2 a few several weeks ago. Normally Search engines functions these up-dates after 4-6 or more a few several weeks.